👨‍🎓 After graduating from Durham University (in Economics and Philosophy) I sold my student side-gig Alakazam, an iphone app for spontaneous flight search.

📝 Building on an idea from my dissertation I've written about how we might kickstart global innovation using crowdsourced prizes for Forbes and Huffington Post.

🚀 Shortly afterwards I co-founded Maptia â€“ a living archive inspiring and impactful stories from around the world – with two close friends from university. Our startup adventure took us from Start Up Chile in Santiago, to TechStars in Seattle (our launch was featured in many places including Mashable, WIRED and The Next Web).

🌊 In 2015, I crossed the English Channel on a stand up paddleboard raising money for charity: water.

👨‍🏫 For the last few years I’ve been leading the Escape the City Startup Tribes in London.

🌴 I’m currently based in Canggu, Bali and working on the launch of Curious Humans.